Pine Walk Europe can also provide a range of services that wrap around the underwriting team. The suite of services are adapted to complement the approach needed to develop the portfolio and business over multiple years.


IT and Systems – Pine Walk deliver a market-leading Insurance Technology solution and exploit as much data as possible using the latest technology.


Finance – the MGA model brings its own intricacies from a financial perspective.  The Pine Walk team provide a thoughtful and auditable approach to monitor the developing business

Data and Reporting – Pine Walk look to leverage new technologies to provide clean, informative data sets and reports to all parties from day one


Compliance and Regulation – Pine Walk consolidates the requirements an MGA will need to satisfy across regulators, carriers and other stakeholders allowing the team to focus on developing their portfolio


Executive and Strategic Support – Pine Walk supports MGA management on the diverse issues that arise as the business grows


Business Operations – the MGA can benefit from shared services and facilities with a recognition that start up companies need to remain flexible and adaptable


Everything Else: Pine Walk have a motivated, multi-skilled and experienced team ready to work hard to solve issues as they arise but also to create robust businesses as they develop